7 Ways to grow cannabis outdoors
7 Ways to grow cannabis outdoors

7 Ways to grow cannabis outdoors

The best experience for a cannabis grower to grow cannabis is to grow and monitor it outdoors. You need reliable skills and strategies. Here are seven ways to make your planting road smoother.

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Grow cannabis should choose the right variety

First of all, you must decide your cannabis variety, you want to get higher yield, then the variety you choose should be able to bloom quickly, have good resistance to pests and molds, and have a good aroma.

Climate check

Some breeds can perform well in certain climates, but other breeds may not be able to adapt. For example, the blue dream variety is not suitable for high humidity and temperature environments. In a hot environment, it takes up to 14 weeks to enter the flowering stage. Therefore, you need to consider the climate before planting and choose a suitable variety.

Consider space and soil

How to measure PH, you can refer to this article:Best practices for monitoring ph for cannabis

You need to consider the geographical location of the space and the amount of sunlight that the plants will get. If you want to plant in the sol, you need to test the pH of the soil first: the result should be 6.0-7.0. If you want to use a bucket, please do Test for pollutants and select the appropriate soil type.

How to grow hemp outdoors

Bring the plants out.

After one month, the seedlings will become small beautiful cannabis plants with some sets of leaves. Then you can transplant them again, but this time, it will be into 5-10 gallon containers. The plants need enough room to spread, grow and dig their roots. Just dig a hole inside the big container, turn the small pot with the plants into it and pat the dirt down. Then generously water the container.  

Fertilizing and watering

How to fertilize, you can refer to this article:How to fertilize cannabis

Organic fertilizer, earthworm manure, fish meal, coffee grounds, added to the soil before planting and when the plant is growing, is beneficial to the growth of the plant, but it should not be too much. All fertilizers and watering tools can be purchased in the online store .

Grow cannabis requires protection from pests

The natural way to prevent pests is to use diatoms, which are very effective against pests with exoskeletons. You can also grow companion plants, such as marigold and basil, which are natural insect repellents. As a last resort, you can also use insecticides, simple and effective.

Sex your plants

The males will have pods like popcorn seeds with the branch stem connecting with the main stalk. At the same time, the female will have two small white hair sprouts made to get pollen. 

In order to gender them, the male plants need to be removed before they begin to pollinate, otherwise, the male plants will pollinate the females, which means you will have seedless plants.

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