The best spectrum for cannabis
The best spectrum for cannabis

The best spectrum for cannabis

Cannabis is a special plant because it can absorb more light than other plants without negative effects. When marijuana absorbs light to the limit, it will also produce higher value.

Cannabis is a high-value-added crop, and there are currently very limited papers that guide cannabis cultivation. Therefore, let’s study the influence of different spectra on cannabis plants. The purpose of checking each treatment method is to further understand which spectrum is most suitable for which cannabis. There are usually three types of cannabis: high THC, high CBD and balanced.

Through research, seven conclusions about cannabis cultivation can be determined, and these conclusions will have a profound impact on cannabis cultivation.

1. First of all, red light can affect the ratio of terpenes in cannabis

2. In some marijuana varieties, red light is negatively correlated with the concentration of cannabinoids

3. Under the low light intensity of the greenhouse, all three spectra reached the expected output.

4. In the indoor environment, with higher intensity irradiation, the spectrum of 1 and 3 is more suitable for cannabis, and the yield is higher.

5. In the indoor environment, in some varieties with high THC, the output of type 2 spectra is 17% higher than that of other spectra.

6. In the indoor environment, the Type 1 spectrum can always have a higher output

7. Under the same test environment, the spectral sensitivity depends on the variety.

Studies have shown that whether it is grown indoors or outdoors, the spectrum will have a significant impact on cannabis plants, and growers can increase the production of cannabis according to their characteristics.