Pros and cons of growing cannabis outdoors
Pros and cons of growing cannabis outdoors

Pros and cons of growing cannabis outdoors

As cannabis becomes legalized throughout the world, more and more people want to grow cannabis themselves. After the legalization of cannabis, you can find a lot of knowledge about cannabis cultivation on the Internet. Whether you want to grow cannabis outdoors or choose indoors, you need to consider many pros and cons. Today, we will explore the pros and cons of outdoor cannabis cultivation. We have discussed the pros and cons of indoor marijuana cultivation before, and you can read them too.

Advantages of outdoor cultivation:

1. Less cost, you only need land and seeds to grow outdoors. Sunlight, carbon dioxide, rain, etc. can all be obtained from nature.

2. Depending on the climate, you may only need to water and check your crops once every two weeks. It is best to choose a location with a water source nearby. It may take a lot of time to travel too far.

3. Outdoor planting can produce larger yields than indoor planting, as long as you have enough land and plants can enjoy the benefits of nature, usually higher THC and CBD content.

4. If you are using your plants to produce concentrates or want to increase yields, the cost of outdoor cultivation will be lower than indoor cultivation.

Disadvantages of outdoor cultivation:

1. There are very few variables that can be controlled. Storm, frost, drought or animal interference may destroy your crops

2. Since most climates have only one harvesting season a year, outdoor planting can only be harvested once.

3. Since the stalks tend to grow more outdoors, it takes more time to trim plants.

4. Exposure to the outdoors will produce plants that look weathered and buds that look rougher.

5. Outdoor planting will result in a lack of privacy and safety, and it is difficult to find green space for planting in cities