Comparison of HID and LED grow lights
Comparison of HID and LED grow lights

Comparison of HID and LED grow lights

I have noticed for many years that the debate among growers about HID and LED plant growth lights has not stopped. The growers will discuss the output, light transmittance, cooling, power consumption, and equipment cost. As LED plants grow The lamp is becoming more and more mature, the comparison between HID and LED plant growth lamp is more important than ever, let us learn together.

LED grow lights

1. The LED plant growth light can choose any spectrum, and can even be controlled by an application or device. The same type of light can be used throughout the growth stage of the plant, without the need to replace it like a HID light.

2. Due to the different light emitting principles, LED plant growth lights generate less heat, which means you can save more money on the cooling system.

3. The LED plant growth lamp only needs very little maintenance. The life of HID bulb is about 10,000 hours, HPS life is 18,000 hours, and the life of high-quality LED lamp is up to 100,000 hours.

HID plant growth light

1. In terms of results, HID plant growth lights are more reliable than LED lights, because HID plant growth lights are used for indoor planting and there are more successful cases, and there is a lot of information about successful planting using these lights on the Internet.

2. The price of HID plant growth lights is more affordable. Although LED lights have low energy consumption and lower cooling requirements, the cost difference takes time to offset. For growers with less funds, they will be more eager to have HID plant growth. light

3. HID plant growth light can provide a complete spectrum, which will be more suitable for plant growth. Compared with LED plant growth light, plants will be healthier