Best practices for monitoring ph for cannabis
Best practices for monitoring ph for cannabis

Best practices for monitoring ph for cannabis

A good pH is the key to ensuring that hemp can absorb the ingredients in the nutrient solution. We will show you how to measure and monitor the pH value to ensure that the high-intensity LED lighting can well match your fertilization strategy.

The pH value ranges from 0 to 14.0, giving you insight into how compounds interact according to their ionic state. It is best to remember that the pH value reflects the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. Extremely acidic or alkaline environments are not suitable for plant growth.

Note: The availability of ions in an acid/alkaline environment, a pH value of 5.8 – 6.2 is suitable for cannabis.

In the pH range, a value less than 7.0 indicates that the solution is acidic; a value greater than 7.0 indicates that the solution is alkaline. The neutral pH of deionized water is 7.0. The pH scale is a logarithmic function, so even small changes in pH are important. For example, the pH value of 4.0 is ten times the pH value of 5.0. For plants, pH is important because it affects the composition of nutrients in the nutrient solution.

For example, when the pH is low, the solubility of some micronutrients (such as iron and manganese) will increase, making them easier for plants to obtain. This will lead to plant poisoning. However, when the pH value increases, micronutrients and phosphorus will be difficult to integrate into the nutrient solution, and the plant cannot take in the nutrients needed for production.

No matter how your nutrient solution is proportioned, the unbalanced PH value will prevent plants from obtaining the substances they need for growth. The figure above shows the relationship between nutrient availability and pH.

Like many plants, hemp prefers slightly acidic soil conditions. It can tolerate a wide pH range (5.0-7.0). In order to maintain a balanced pH, growers should test the pH every two days and adjust the pH as needed. Avoid the bronze or yellowing symptoms of marijuana.

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